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released April 9, 2017

Recorded and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios

Mixing and additional noise by Ryan Slowey

Thanks to Ryan and James for being key contributors to this band when it started years ago



all rights reserved


EXUL Albany, New York


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Track Name: Dire Wolves
fearsome dogs, drifting souls. chilled to the bone, forever hungry. relentless thirst, reluctant wanderlust. insatiable guts, endless footprints forming circles.
Track Name: Nails
eyes forced downward, lips puppeteered, all paths whitewashed: the leash is hidden. the lust for life is now a race to death. commitment to delusion rewarded with delusion. drugged and crucified, grinning as we hang. nails: meaningless success, placated til death.
Track Name: Ice and Ash
the sins of the elders fall on the children like black hail born from the dead in our wake.
the food and water became like poison, the air turned noxious, blackened our lungs.
this time there is no turning back, all of our bridges have been burned, all of our missteps frozen in time, this is the land of ice and ash.
the soil, infertile, like broken glass. all other life just left, but we wont be blessed with death.
the wind carries screams and muffled whimpers of the ghosts we've become, and the ghosts we've failed.
ice and ash yet I keep marching on.
Track Name: Red Handed
innocence exploited, guilt shared by all
malice born in ignorance, apathy born in tradition.
silent, eyes pleading as gods laugh.
Red Handed
sacrificial breed, corralled and caged. cruel machine of ignorance and greed.
this cold hell freezes blood. crimson tundra.
Track Name: Mammoth
pursued by shadows, suspicious eyes shift. "they seek to divide and capture the young." still tongues, hearts of thunder, the herd hold fast. thunder on the horizon, a storm of shadows and flesh.
Track Name: Fault Lines
Territories: walls of apathy. horror stories, quaking faith. Fault Lines. Forsaken souls with outstretched hands receiving desolation and broken promises. Gashes in the earth are all that remain to remind us all of what was to blame.
Track Name: Inhumed
cold guiding hand, finger on the pulse. syringes thirst for recompense. hope, guilt, fear, shame. every breath, another stone on my chest. crush my bones, grind me up into dust so i can bury the next one. I've been sold by a ghost. life of debt, bury me. crushed beneath the weight of what i could be worth to a ghost.
Track Name: Spade
Born with a spade
Born into guilty graves
Dig me out, don't drag me down.
Track Name: Moths
collective upheaval breaking constant midnight. conditioned eyes blinded by a light on the horizon. in fear, so many turned away like insects beneath a stone. but in hell's abandon, to this flame we are like moths. and we march toward the glowing change: a break in the chain of suffering. death's palace, a structure of light, exposes our footsteps and the circles we've drawn. our hearts withered and hopes abandoned, the end is the only salvation. at the doors, we all converge. only there we can see each other. our weary souls, falling apart, hang on death's fiery word like moths. the crosses we drag, the buzzards above, disappear in the light of the end.